Security Guard

Our Security Guard or Static Security Service includes a wide range of service options offered by MP Security which can be tailored to suit your individual needs.  These include the following:

Site Security: A single security officer or a team of guards for night or 24 hour security. Regular patrols and administrative duties such as logging visitors in and out.

Mobile Security: A team of guards who will patrol either a large site or multiple locations by foot and vehicle providing a high profile deterrent.

Key Holding/Alarm Response: Safe storage and 24 hour response

Alarm Fitting: Fully trained staff that will fit alarm systems for all purposes – home, office or vehicle.



CCTV Installation and Operation: Installation of closed-circuit television cameras and the provision of staff trained in their use. This enables liaison with mobile patrols and local emergency services to not only record possible criminal activities but also to prevent them. 

Dog Handling: Dog Handling services can be provided as an extra to both static and mobile security services.