Close Protection / Bodyguards

Executive Protection: The need to feel safe and secure is one of our basic requirements in life. Because the world has become so volatile and unpredictable the role of the Close Protection Officer or Bodyguard is a vital one and means that they must be competent in many different aspects of security. 

MP Security maintains a number of staff that are licensed to provide such services to any person who feels that they may need extra security either at home on the move or both. 

Sometimes it’s necessary to have close protection whether located or travelling domestically or internationally. Our highly trained officers protect clients, associates, and families, paying close attention to every security detail.
We operate discretely to suit the operational environment and client status, which gives the confidence to continue with daily activities safe in the knowledge that protection is in place.


Celebrity Security

Celebrities experience a level of visibility that although often welcome, still requires the presence of highly professional security. This security sometimes needs to be highly visible while at other times being highly discrete.

Our expertly trained and fully licensed security professionals pay close attention to every security detail, enabling celebrities to be themselves safe in the knowledge that protection is permanently there.

MP Security's client list has included political figures and members of the Royal Family plus celebrities from the Bill, Emerdale, Big Brother, Stereophonics and many more.

Security Consultation

We are able to provide highly skilled security operatives to advise on all aspects of personal and corporate security.