Door Supervision

MP Security can provide fully SIA licensed door supervisors for a variety of operations from small capacity venues to large scale teams for busy nightclubs in major cities.  No matter what the size, type or location of the venue we will always provide the same high standards of service to ensure that your customers have a sfae and enjoyable experience.

Before work commences, all locations have full plans designed including risk assessments and optimum staff placements.  All staff supplied are fully licensed but are also in-house trained to a high level so that they can deal with any situation which may arise whilst providing maximum customer care.  Female and bi-lingual (fluent in Welsh and English) door supervisors are also available on request. 

All our Door Supervisors have skills and qualifications in: Customer Care; Behaviour Standards; Civil and Criminal Law; Eviction; Drug Prevention; First Aid; Searching; Powers of Arrest; Laws relating to Licensing; Incident Reporting and Scene Prevention; Offensive Weapons and De-escalation Techniques. 

Event Security

We have vast experience in providing full security solutions for a variety of indoor and outdoor events. We can supply licensed door supervisor staff for events which require such precautions (this includes any event which will be selling alcohol), as well as non licensed staff for duties such as stewarding and car park operations.

All events will be fully managed by a highly skilled team who will liaise between the event organizers, local authorities and any emergency services present.  MP Security can provide as much or as little extra equipment as necessary including fencing, high visibility clothing, radio communication and CCTV.